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We help Fortune 1000s turn ideas into real products

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We focus on creating new experiences for existing or new customers using a standardized product development process. We typically work with Corporate Innovation Labs or Corporate VCs or Startups directly, deliveringExperience & Mindset, Process, Resources.

Startup guide

A step-by-step resource for building startups that takes you from the inception of ideas to handling future growth of a company.

Experienced core team

Jan Beranek photo
Jan Beranek
CEO, Founder, Google for Startups and European Space Agency Mentor
Ann  Hofvander photo
Ann Hofvander
former telco Executive, built 2 company builders in Silicon Valley and Europe, set up 2 corporate innovation labs
Ines  Bamburać photo
Ines Bamburać
former NGO CEO, former International Innovation Process Head at European Company Builder
Matěj Tremko photo
Matěj Tremko
Former Sales & Product Ops at Silicon Valley based startup studio
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The U+Method

How it's done

The U+Method is a step-by-step product development methodology that focuses on front–loading the risky parts of product development before starting large build–outs.

Moving further down in the U+Method, the risk of scaling should go down while market metrics support our business case.

Value Proposition

Initial idea validation and market testing where we look at the applicability of a specific idea to the particular market and target demographics.

Stage 1


  • Target users
  • Product positioning
  • High level user stories

Product Definition

When we find a market-verified value proposition, we move to define the product and ways of taking it to the market.

This usually means building prototypes, smoke tests and understanding launch channels and features.

Stage 2

Product Specification

  • Product definition
  • MVP Specification
  • MVP Scoping

Stage 3

Take to Market Strategy

  • Channel testing
  • Pricing sensitivity
  • Brand and Communications

MVP Launch

Developers and designers are engaged in building out an MVP while we simultaneously move to launch with early customers.


Stage 4

Product Build

Developers and designers are engaged in building the MVP of the product

Stage 5


  • Gathering early customer feedback
  • Build out the post launch roadmap
  • Optimizing the customer onboarding process

Further Iterations

When the MVP launch goes well, we move onto scaling up the product based on market feedback

This stage typically includes supporting internal operational processes and product modifications based on early customer feedback.

Stage 6


  • Build out internal team
  • Enhance operations processes
  • Expand core functionalities
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Over $1 billion in
new value across 70+ products built

Storing solar power without batteries

Industry 4.0 system that integrates data from solar power connected IoT devices measuring a user is taking energy from or putting energy back into a network

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Redesign a major telco site to increase mobile purchases

Redesign a major telco site, based on HCD principles to increase revenue from mobile devices

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P2P car sharing

HoppyGo is a European car-sharing startup. You can list your car and rent a car from other with the mobile application, automatically pay with your credit card and see availability of cars on the web version of the app.

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Realtime logistics software

Building European logistics dashboard for mid-market companies.

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Online used car sales platform

Online used car sales platform ingesting data from all of European car servers in order to create a pricing map and evaluate interesting cars to offer.

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AI notifications about content you like

Scalable universal platform for sending notification about topics chosen by people.

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