Our Services

We provide specialized innovation and growth services through our team of venture builders to support you as you look to launch new products, services or ventures including AI powered solutions. Leveraging FifthRow we are able to accelerate time to market, and help you scale beyond launch using proven methods honed over 14 years experience. We also offer support in innovating and growing existing assets, harnessing new technologies and AI transformation initiatives.

Ideate, Validate & Launch Digital Solutions

Boost the success rate of new product and service launches by harnessing the power of AI alongside a tried-and-tested methodology.

This program focuses on fostering innovation through AI-driven ideation and concept validation processes. FifthRow empowers businesses to swiftly generate, refine, and validate innovative ideas by tapping into AI insights derived from market trends, customer demands, and competitive analyses. The suite comprises ideation workshops, concept development sprints, validation studies, and the formulation of go-to-market strategies, all aimed at expediting the transition from idea conception to market-ready innovation.

Grow and Scale Your Products & Services

A suite of services designed to help organizations grow by staying ahead of technology development through partnership, enhancing existing offerings and optimizing sales efforts.

Future Proof your Organization

Ensure organizational readiness to adapt to disruptions brought about by new technological developments and leverage the opportunities they present.

Sustain a Continuous Stream of Innovation

Designed for organizations that want to innovate across their offerings by implementing a process to identify and take advantage of high potential opportunities.

U+ Team

Our 100-strong in-house team has built two corporate innovation labs, exited 3 companies, invested in 140+ startups, and generated over $2B in market value.

Jakub Kovář

Chief Technology Officer

Matěj Tremko

Head of Product

Simon Jalbert

Head of Comercialization

Matěj Kvasnička

Head of Design