Empowering Dealerships with Control and Efficiency in Fleet Management

Client: Kimoby Go

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Empowering Dealerships with Control and Efficiency in Fleet Management

From idea definition and validation to the mobility management system in 12 months.

Tech Sprint

2 weeks

Project Duration

12 months

Transforming the automotive sector

In response to fleet management challenges and the need to enhance customer experience, dealerships faced issues like connectivity failures, inaccurate vehicle tracking, unexpected toll fees, and cumbersome scheduling.

Partnering closely with Kimoby and Policaro Group, we meticulously designed and developed Kimoby Go, a connected vehicle platform that empowers dealerships with real-time insights, automated workflows, and data-driven optimization.

This platform revolutionizes automotive business models by providing real-time vehicle insights, automating operations, and enabling data-driven decisions. Utilizing agile MVP development and proto personas, Kimoby Go exemplifies how strategic innovation and effective business design can transform the automotive sector, offering dealerships a competitive advantage.

Kimoby GoKimoby Go

Rapid Team Formation and Sustained Expertise

We assembled and successfully onboarded one robust Scrum team for the main architecture and web interface and one for the intuitive Driver/Valet-facing mobile app. This process ensured project momentum and effectively utilized our resources.

Moreover, we demonstrated remarkable retention, maintaining 95% of the original team throughout the project's lifecycle, fostering a cohesive and experienced workforce.


1 Product Manager


1 UX UI Desiger


1 Scrum Master

2 Mobile app developers

2 Frontend developers

2 Backend developers

1 QA Engineer

Our Methodology

Employing an evaluation approach

U+ conducted a 2-week tech sprint to assess the existing technology's viability and usability.

This enabled a precise definition of the MVP scope, ensuring efficient development by leveraging reusable code and maximizing resource allocation.

Embracing agile

We collaborated closely with the client to ensure the Kimoby Go platform progressed iteratively based on their evolving needs.

Weekly sprints fostered continuous communication and prioritization, guaranteeing that delivered functionalities remained relevant and impactful.

Kimoby Go

Challenges in Car Dealership Processes

  1. 01

    Employee dissatisfaction

    Stemming from the labor-intensive process of managing scheduling spreadsheets

  2. 02

    Locating Vehicles

    Difficulties in accurately locating vehicles within the dealership lot

  3. 03

    Unexpected Toll Fees

    Incurred by the dealership's fleet

The Outcome That Speaks For Itself

Kimoby Go was successfully launched, providing OEMs, dealers, and dealer groups with a seamless, end-to-end connected vehicle platform. We were able to:


Reduce management burden

Automated tasks, real-time tracking


Improve vehicle utilization

Optimized scheduling, recover costs


Enhance customer service

Transparent communication

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