Crafting an Innovation Strategy within one month facilitated by AI

Client: the Authority of Social Contribution in the Middle East

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Crafting an Innovation Strategy within one month facilitated by AI

The entire strategy, including a 5-year financial model and implementation plan developed in just one month.

Project Duration

1 month

Project Summary

Our client is dedicated to fostering a thriving third sector. This involves creating opportunities for non-profit organizations, foundations, and social enterprises to contribute to the development of strong, active, and interconnected communities, ultimately aiming for positive social impact and an improved quality of life for its residents.

Recognizing the challenge of over-indebtedness affecting citizens' well-being, a government agency partnered with us to develop a comprehensive strategy to effectively address this critical social issue.



Stage 1: Understanding the Problem

Our initial focus was on gaining a thorough understanding of the over-indebtedness issue. We conducted a deep analysis, delving into the root causes and exploring potential solutions.

This involved a comprehensive examination from various perspectives: government, private sector, and civil society.


Stage 2: Global Benchmarking

We broadened our scope by looking at successful solutions implemented worldwide. We compared and evaluated existing approaches to financial literacy, focusing on impactful strategies and real-world case studies.

This analysis provided valuable insights into effective methodologies and innovative ideas that could be adapted to address the unique challenges of over-indebtedness within our specific context.


Stage 3: Strategic Action Plan

Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the problem and potential solutions, we formulated a strategic action plan. This plan outlined eleven key initiatives designed to directly tackle the issue. These initiatives included:

  • Financial Literacy Education: A learning management system would be created to deliver financial literacy education effectively.
  • Financial Well-being Accelerator: A program specifically designed to accelerate financial well-being will be launched.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: To encourage public participation, the plan included the development of marketing materials and the execution of targeted campaigns.

Stage 4: AI-powered Data Analysis

Recognizing the challenge of limited data, we leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This stage involved utilizing generative AI to gather and analyze relevant data. This data-driven approach ultimately informed the development of targeted initiatives.

Notably, this innovative approach significantly expedited the project's completion, achieving the desired outcomes within a remarkable four-week timeframe.

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