Unlocking Efficiency and Growth for an Asset Allocation Platform

Client: Investment management firm

CommercializationUX UI
Unlocking Efficiency and Growth for an Asset Allocation Platform

Project Duration

15 months

Project Summary

This project involved a comprehensive partnership with a prominent investment management firm to launch their cutting-edge asset management platform.

Our role went beyond mere project execution; we became strategic partners, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and value creation.

What our clients say

You have helped us get to the point we are now, and we are enormously grateful. And on top of that, it has been a pleasure to work with you all.

Client Product Lead

Key Activities

Market Validation and Go/No-Go Decision

We assessed the product-market fit by identifying the target audience and defining key elements like messaging, value proposition, and sales funnel.

This ensured the platform addressed the needs of a real market and had a clear path to profitability, empowering stakeholders to make an informed decision to proceed to the wider market.

From launchpad to liftoff

Once we had the decision to proceed, it was time to prepare for a wider launch. With existing brand recognition through the parent company and a penchant for a premium customer experience, we focused on a pull strategy to raise the product profile.

We created a website and supported the client in the execution of educational webinars, whitepapers and applying for, and winning, a prestigious industry award. We also helped establish the framework and tools needed to manage the post-launch influx of interest.

Post-Launch Partnership

Our client had a small team, big vision and ample interest from industry and prospects alike - a great place to be post-launch, but critical to prioritize properly. Our partnership became an electric synergy where we advised, executed and augmented their team as needed.

We supported the top of the funnel through further website development and marketing support across newsletters, conference materials, webinars and internal coordination. Our sales expertise helped to move prospects through the sales funnel and we collaborated on the creation of a knowledge base to enhance the customer experience and expedite their onboarding.

Securing external investment was always part of the plan to scale and we guided the client through strategy development, pitch deck creation and provided relevant introductions to gauge interest and provide feedback.

Success Factors


Transparent and agile communication:

We fostered open communication and collaboration through agile sprints with clearly defined deliverables, tasks, and objectives. These objectives were strategically adjusted each sprint based on client feedback and evolving market conditions.

All project documentation and updates were readily accessible, ensuring complete transparency with the client’s team and their internal stakeholders. Working with internal client legal and marketing teams and doing event and vendor coordination helped keep things moving in a fast-paced environment.


SWOT Analysis:

We conducted a thorough SWOT analysis, meticulously identifying the platform's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis revealed key market opportunities, informing strategic decisions and shaping product development efforts.


Customer Acquisition & Product Iterations:

We prioritized a feedback-driven approach by actively collecting and analyzing customer feedback throughout the process. These insights were instrumental in refining the platform's customer acquisition strategies, ensuring they targeted the right audience with the most compelling message.

Additionally, valuable user feedback directly informed product backlog prioritization, guaranteeing that development efforts focused on features and functionalities that resonated with the target market.

Team Composition


1 Commercialization


1 Desiger


1 Senior Delivery

1 Senior Oversight

1 Dev

1 Analyst

What our clients say

I want to send my sincere gratitude and pleasure that it has been working with you both and the extended team! It is obvious that you are in it to win it for us, and that has always been greatly appreciated!

Client Project Manager

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