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U+ launches the world’s first Enterprise Venture Discovery AI

U+ is launching an innovative AI-driven venture discovery platform aimed at revolutionizing strategic planning, innovation management, and venture investment. The platform leverages 14 years of industry experience to generate strategy-aligned business concepts, offers unparalleled market insights, and prioritizes potential ventures based on success potential.

U+ launches the world’s first Enterprise Venture Discovery AI

A leap in the world of enterprise strategy, venture building, and investing backed by 14 years of industry expertise.

San Francisco/Prague/Dubai – May 30, 2023 – Today, U+ announces the launch of an innovative AI-driven venture discovery platform, designed to revolutionize the way strategic planning, innovation management, and venture investment are conducted.

Built on more than 14 years of venture-building and investing experience, our AI platform is designed to generate unique, strategy-aligned business concepts tailored to any focus area. The platform offers unparalleled market insights by seamlessly blending public data and proprietary data sets, ultimately enabling enterprises to identify fresh avenues of business potential.

"One of the core goals of our platform is to address the pain points of professionals like Strategy Directors, Innovation Managers, and Market Analysts at VC firms," says U+’s Founder and Group CEO, Jan Beránek. "We've designed our platform to decrease the speed of equivalent professional services by 100x and enable 10x faster strategic decisions."

Our AI-driven venture discovery platform does more than just generate a list of ideas; it uses an advanced algorithm to analyze, categorize, and rank these concepts based on their potential for success. It takes into account various factors such as market trends, competitive landscape, and strategic alignment with your focus area. The result is a prioritized list of potential ventures, allowing you to understand at a glance which ideas hold the most promise and align best with your strategic objectives. This comprehensive ranking system simplifies decision-making and equips you with the data-driven insights you need to identify your next breakthrough opportunity.

It also provides in-depth persona development and AI-driven interview simulations. It role-plays interviews based on crafted questions, delivering deeper insights and a profound understanding of potential clientele.

Furthermore, it infers detailed customer journey maps from interview insights, personas, and product descriptions, ensuring a thorough grasp of customer interactions.

"We’re proud to offer our users a taste of the future of strategic planning, venture building, and venture investing," adds Beránek. "To that end, we invite everyone to secure their spot in our beta program and join the venture revolution. It's time to experience the power of AI-enabled enterprise strategy."

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