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Pull Failure Forward, Push Cost Back

In this U+ Insight, prepared in partnership with ILO, we discuss how to de-risk corporate innovation initiatives by keeping upfront investment at a bare minimum.

Pull Failure Forward, Push Cost Back

Alph Bingham, R&D and new-venture leader at Eli Lilly and founder of InnoCentive, coined this phrase “pull failure forward, push cost back”, and it's hugely valuable.

In large organizations, new activities generally don't get started until they get funded. That means time, effort and compromise before an experiment can begin.

Far better to beg, borrow or steal resources to start new programs and projects unofficially, with little or no budget. Why? Because like most new efforts, they're likely to fail. That's OK. Each sequential failure helps mark the path to success, and the next experiments are more and more likely to succeed - because of the lessons learned through smart, fast, low-cost failure. Only then - only after you've pulled the failure forward, learned from it, and gotten a lot closer to success - should you start seeking and spending money.

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